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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  April 16, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> ahhh. >> we'll get ready. okay. thanks, jennifer. >> "early start" continues right now. breaking news overnight tragedy when a south korean ferry sinks into the sea. rescuers racing the clock to get people to safety. hundreds reported missing, the latest ahead. happening now, the underwater search for missing flight 370. the bluefin submarine combing the seabed. will it be able to with stand the very deep depths of the search. violence in the streets of ukraine. demonstrators not backing down. is civil war imminent and could russia be scheming to tear this country apart? we are live. good morning. welcome to "early start."
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i'm victor blackwell. >> nice to see you again today. i'm christine romans. it's wednesday, april 16. it's 5:00 a.m. on the nose in the east. breaking news overnight. a desperate rescue off the coast of south korea where a ferry capsized and sank, carrying hundreds of students. many have been rescued but nearly 300 are missing. two are confirmed dead. witnesses say they heard a loud bump before the ship began to lift. the navy warship is enroute to help with the rescue. we'll take you live in a few minutes. deep in the indian ocean, an unmanned vehicle, bluefin 21 scanning the ocean floor looking for debris from flight 270 missing for 40 days. this is a slow process set to go on several more hours. they may not know for hours
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longer, just what it found, if anything. erin mclaughlin is live in perth. it came back to the surface for technical problems and they downloaded the data from the earlier search. did they find anything? >> reporter: hi, christine. no, they did not find objects of interest. the good news here is they put, despite the technical glitch, they put the bluefin-21 back into the water to begin searching again. many wonder if it's up to the task at hand. it's operating in the upper region of the depth capacity. it can go 5 kilometers beneath the ocean surface instead of the 4.5 originally thought. the important thing to remember is it's very, very difficult to operate at the depth.
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consider the pressure. some 2.5 family vehicles worth per inch on any underwater submersible operating, then the terrain. relatively unknown to man. they think it's flat and rolling, but they are not entirely sure. whatever is down there, the bluefin-21 is going to have to be able to navigate. consider on top of that, the silt on the ocean floor. they think it's there, they are not sure how much complicated the picture. it could interfere with the bluefin-21s ability to take sonar imaging. it is a monumental task at hand. it's beneath the waters searching. no word on when it will resurface. >> the bluefin-21 using sonar, bouncing sound waves off the seabed. many object that is create a map of what might be down there. this area of the indian ocean is
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uncharted and it's not clear what they might find. oceanographers say it's great for an unmanned sub. >> in all i know doing oceanography for 30 years, the worst thing to do is send a manned vehicle down. everything we learned, if you look at the gulf of mexico oil spill, they were able to fix it with an r.o.v., remote operational vehicle. we have experience with deploying remote operational vehicles that can cut, hold wrenches, they can do things and certainly can bring black boxes up and work 24/7. you are much better off with the remote tools, in my estimation. >> for the families with loved ones on flight 270, reality may be settling in. 40 days after the jet went missing, it might be a very long time before the plane is found.
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ivan watson is live in beijing where he's been talking with the families this morning. ivan, 40 days on, understandably, they are frustrated. >> reporter: that's right. an explosion of anger here at beijing's hotel where many of the relatives of the 154 chinese passengers of flight mh 370 have been staying at the expense of the airlines. we saw dozens of relatives stand-up and storm out of a conference room. some of them hurled abuse at malaysian officials who were supposed to be conducting a video conference session with the relatives via video conference from the capitol of kuala lumpur. the audio didn't work. the officials were sitting up there 20 minutes on screen, on video screen. there was no communication between the sides.
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finally, the chinese families stood up in protest and marched out. some of them hurling abuse at the screen yelling things like liars, shame on you. later on in the afternoon here, a poor diplomat from malaysia and an official sat face-to-face with the families as they do every day. it was like a cross-examination. you had representatives of the families asking questions saying they submitted questions in previous sessions and the mid level officials were unable, just simply did not have the information to answer those questions. you can imagine, victor, 40 days into this agonizing vigil, the fury, the frustration of some of these chinese relatives, some of whom were saying you have clearly no respect for our lives or our time. these were the statements being said to the faces of these
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malaysian officials saying we are trying our best, this is all we have. it's clearly not enough for these desperate people waiting to hear about some news about their missing loved ones. victor and christine? >> clearly not enough. ivan watson in beijing. now ukraine growing more dangerous and closer to war. there are reports of tanks on the streets flying russian flags as the ukrainian military is fighting back retaking an airport promising to do more to force the militants out of government buildings. this is one day before russia, ukraine, the u.s. and european union are all going to sit down to find a diplomatic way out of this crisis. phil, bring us up to speed. what is the latest on the ground where you are? >> reporter: christine, where i'm standing, this is the town
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that is a focal point for ukrainian military to dislodge. prorussian militants and protesters. prorussian forces consolidated control, seizing government buildings, setting up roadblocks, not letting officials in. yesterday, we heard the ukrainians say they are launching an anti-terror operation. it's against the separatist movements. they seized a nearby airfield. where i'm standing now, as i say, from the northern approach to the town, there's a heavily armed police check point with police checking all the people heading south. the people, the documents, all the contents of their vehicles and around the corner where where i am, it looks like another ukrainian military staging point with a large number of ukrainian soldiers and
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a number of helicopters from this location as well. military helicopters including attack helicopters. for the moment, they are standing back at this distance from the northern side. the question now is, what are the forces going to try to do? are they going to try to move into this town and take it back by force or for the moment, are they content with circling it and cutting it off? that decision, those movements will determine how the escalating situation lays out over the course of today and indeed, the coming weeks as well. >> phil black in ukraine. thanks, phil. breaking news. a terrifying scene off the coast of south korea. a packed ferry suddenly sinks. frantic rescues are happening now with hundreds of people reported missing. we are live, next. what if a photo were more than a memory? what if it were more than something to share? what if a photo could build that shelf you've always wanted?
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while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can welcome back. breaking news off the coast of south korea where rescuers, right now, desperately trying to find hundreds of people missing after a ferryboat capsized and sank. at least two people are dead. most on board were students. let's go live to seoul. andrew has the latest on this. we hope other boats are picking up the missing people. i know it's a chaotic scene with a lot of boats there trying to help with the rescue. what can you tell us right now? >> reporter: yeah, i mean as you
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s say, it's really unclear where the 293 missing americans are. are they trapped in the submerged ship or have they been rescued. many were undertaken by fishing boats that were circling the ship. these people may have been taken to different locations and, as time goes on, will arrive at the central casualty clearance station established by the government in a sports stadium on the island. right now, that is the biggest question hanging over the situation. where are the 293 missing persons. >> the other key question, what exactly happened here? a well traveled route. the sea was not rough. the weather seemed fine and then, what? they think it hit something under water? do they have any idea what caused the ferry to capsize? >> i can't answer these
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questions. as you say, a well traveled route, good visibility, close to land. it's a mystery. any underwater obstacle would have been on charts and navigated routes. was the ship sticking to its route? we don't know that at this point. there's another question that hangs over the situation. as far as we can tell, the ship, after hitting this obstacle, whatever it may have been listed heavily over to one side, which would have given people time to get on upper decks, life vests, situations where they should have been able to get off a sinking ship and be rescued as many were. this question is, why were people, apparently, still below when the ship capsized. once the ship capsized and started sinking, by the stern,
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that would leave them trapped below. again, we don't have an answer to that question. we can't be sure, 100% there are people aboard the ship. they may and hopefully have been removed and haven't shown up in the casually clearing station, yet. >> many of the people were heading to an island. they were students. can you tell us who was on board this ship? >> reporter: yeah. i can, yeah. we have a full manifest. there were 30 crew members, 89 ordinary passengers that we don't have specific information, 15 teachers and 325 high school students heading for a school trip from seoul. they left the port serving seoul and heading down to a subtropical vacation island off the south coast, known as the hawaii of korea. tragically, they never reached the island. >> 325 students, 15 crew.
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a sad situation. we'll check in with you again. thank you so much. there are rattled nerves in boston after a scare on the eve of the boston marathon bombings. police arrested a mancariing a rice cooker in a backpack. that's the same place where pressure cooker bombs went off killing three and leaving 260 hurt. it was blown up and happened as a precaution. the man was charged with possessing a hoax device. the anniversary remembrance brought hundreds to boston including brother that is each lost a leg. on tuesday, they were the ones being cheered as they walked across the finish line themselves, raising money for charity. >> i don't think it hit me yet. it's an amazing thing, it really is. so happy right now. >> it brings you back to last year and how they were with us.
2:18 am
it's the same thing. every day we needed something, they were there are. it's a lot to take in right now. we are getting it. >> lawyers for the marathon bombing suspect will be back in court today arguing some of the charges should be dropped. his lawyers say some of the charges are duplicates for the same crimes and wants the judge to throw some charges out. an extraordinary glimpse of the inner workings of al qaeda through this video, a video that appeared on jihadist websites. it shows the head of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula addressing fighters, many fighters in yemen talking about how he wants to go after the u.s. with no concern for a possible drone strike. this is the largest and most dangerous gathering in years.
2:19 am
the u.s. isn't saying if they knew about the meeting or tried to take action to stop it. >> this is an extraordinary video. the leader of al qaeda and the arabian peninsula and the number two of al qaeda worldwide addressing over 100 fighters somewhere in yemen taking a big risk in doing it. >> the main problem about the group is it has a bomb maker who can put bombs on to planes that can't be detected. u.s. officials believe the video is recent. they are analyzing it to learn if new attacks are being planned. anxious return to campus for students in a pennsylvania town shattered by a knife attack. the high school holds classes for the first time since the 16-year-old sophomore allegedly stabbed or slashed two dozen people last week. officials are working to make the return as normal as possible
2:20 am
opening up to campus a day early. >> walking through helped. >> get back to normal and back into the old schedule. >> now the fbi is analyzing computers, video games and other electronics belonging to the suspect and a cell phone seized from the locker and cutlery holders with two missing knives. he's being charged as an adult, 21 counts after aggravated assault. a quick check at the markets trading higher. futures are up here. you can thank china for that. a report shows chinese economy grew at 7.4% in the first quarter. it's more than economists were expecting. it shows growth there is slowing. chinese economic growth is still slowing. one stock that will get a boost from china, yahoo!. they reported better than
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it's the middle of april and a clean up under way in a big part of the country with storms rolling through. taking down trees, dropping a ton of rain. these are pictures from orlando.
2:26 am
winds topping 46 miles per hour. >> yeah, but you know what's coming behind the storm? cold. you know, quiet snowstorms. here in new york, actually overnight where heavy, wet flakes fell, more than an inch fell in chicago despite the calendar saying it's spring. >> indra is here to tell us more. you warned us. >> i warned you. march is when we typically see the last snow. not today, not in april. the cold air filled in. an hour or so ago, they were seeing snow in boston. yes, the flurries are out there, but they are moving out, which is more important. that's the key here as the system makes the way out. just keep in mind cold air. we are talking record temperatures so cold we saw records from minnesota back down through texas. it's been a cold winter.
2:27 am
let's talk about the numbers. detroit, even flint had the snowiest winters on record. there's the proof there that it has been absolutely miserably cold. freeze warnings are in effect to the south this morning. talk about the highs and look at the drop from yesterday. d.c. yesterday was 72, 53, not so bad. 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. system finally moving out. we want to say there's nothing left in the mix. here comes another one. the next system is making its way in. easter sunday, rain. more like friday, easter weekend as it pulls up moisture from the gulf. not snow. changing slowly. >> ridiculous. >> yes, ridiculous. >> thank you, indra. happening now, the breaking news. a ferry sinking and hundreds of passengers on board still missing. we are live, next. this is jim. a man who doesn't stand still.
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breaking news overnight. hundreds of people missing when a ferry suddenly sinks into the sea. dramatic rescues playing out. it may not have been fast enough. we are live. happening now, an intense underwater search for missing malaysian airlines flight 370. the bluefin submarine scanning the ocean floor. we are live on the latest on the search and how families of those on board the vanished jet liner are holding up. violence protest on the
2:32 am
streets of ukraine. soldiers and prorussian forces going head-to-head. we are live with what's happening on the ground and who could be responsible for the sudden uprising. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm victor blackwell. a desperate search for the missing after a ferry carrying hundreds of people capsized and sank. many on board were students. right now, nearly 300 unaccounted for. at least two are dead. we have live in seoul with the latest. andrew, tell us who was on board this ferry. >> reporter: okay, on board the ferry, there were 459 people, 30 crew, 89 regular passengers and 325 high school students and their teachers taking a trip to the island. they were leaving from seoul and left the port serving seoul
2:33 am
headed to a subtropical vacation for a school trip. the poignancy of the young people on board is adding to the sense of tragedy here. >> chaotic. we are showing pictures of wrapping up young children, teenagers put on stretchers and taken to a staging area for the casualties. what can you tell us about the search underway for the missing? is it hoped some of the missing may have been picked up by other boats? >> reporter: that is the hope. in the early stages of the rescue operation, much of the rescuing was done by civilian craft in small vessel fishing boats in the area. the hope is they were rescued and taken to different locations and haven't shown up at the central casualty clearing station in a stadium. however, hope is beginning to
2:34 am
fade. this instant took place at 9:00 this morning, it's now 6:30 in the evening. as you can see behind me, it's beginning to get dark here. we haven't had word from the government for two and a half hours. last we heard, 293 people unaccounted for, two and a half hours ago. 293 people are still unaccounted for. >> do they know what happened? any idea what happened? you said the weather seemed fine and the conditions in the sea seemed fine. >> reporter: weather fine. visibility fine. sea conditions good. well trafficked route. well chartered waters. what they could have hit, we don't know. it appears to be an underwater object of some sort, a rock, a reef, who knows. several said they heard a bang or a crash, then the ship listed heavily. all that is left now is the
2:35 am
section of the bows above the water. it seems unlikely that anyone is still in the water, you know, so many hours after the instant with so many vessels on and circling the scene. as noted now, it's getting dark. rescue efforts under way are submarine efforts. we have people under the water, navy divers, special forces divers, salvage divers going under water thethered with lifelines searching inside the submerged hole of the ship for survivors or for the bodies of those lost. >> terrifying and chaotic. thank you so much. thanks. now, the breaking news from the indian ocean. the bluefin-21 is scanning the seabed looking for wreckage from flight 370, the unmanned sub trying to build a map of the ocean floor hoping to find a jet missing for 40 days now.
2:36 am
erin mclaughlin is live keeping an eye on the search efforts. we know in four and a half hours, the second mission is expected to wrap up. there have been developments on how to overcome the challenge that ended the first mission early. >> reporter: that's right, victor. we are not entirely certain when to expect the bluefin 21 to r reemerge on the surface of the water given that the latest mission was cut short. we are learning a new analysis of the bluefin-21s capabilities. engineers taking a look and determining it can with stand more pressure than previously thought. it can travel, engineers saying some 5 kilometers beneath the ocean surface compared to the 4.5 kilometers they previously thought.
2:37 am
some questions surrounding whether or not the bluefin-21 is up to the task. this is a monumental task for an under water submersible given the depth and pressure it's facing 2.8 miles below the surface. it exerts pressure equivalent to two family cars. also consider the terrain. they don't know exactly what kind of terrain is down there. they think it's largely flat and largely rolling, but they are not certain. the bluefin-21 having to navigate what is down there. you have the silt. they are not entirely sure how deep the silt goes but could affect the sonar imaging effort. a lot of factors there to be considered and officials here in perth warned this could be a slow and pain staking task.
2:38 am
again, bluefin-21 is still under the water and searching. much relief to the crew given the technical glitch it experienced earlier today and no word on when we expect it to resurface. >> they think it's the best hope they have erin. spotting anything on the ocean floor that could be from flight 370. it uses sonar. it could point to any debris. this area of the indian ocean is uncharted. it's not clear what the unmanned vehicle might find. they believe the sea floor is covered in rolling hills and silt, which could make the investigation easier. >> you would be worse off if you were in canyons and valleys and crevices and big boulders around. rolling hills is not a bad place for sonar. it's a matter of figuring ground. we want to see the figure from
2:39 am
ground. if it's just rolling hills and the setment is absorbing it, manmade components should give us specular reflections to give us the difference between the manmade objects and rolling hills. we are going to go to beijing where the families of those in flight 370 are growing with the search. ukraine, war could be close. there are reports of tanks flying russian flags on the streets on the move in eastern ukraine and prorussian militants now taking more government buildings now that ukraine's military is fighting back to force the militants out. phil black is live in eastern ukraine for us. what's happening there for us right now?
2:40 am
>> reporter: christine, this is the city that remains the focal point to dislodge prorussian militants and protesters consolidated control over this town in recent days. you mentioned there these images of vehicles, tanks, other personnel carries, progressing under a russian flag. it really shows the complexity of the situation we are dealing with here. russian media saying the vehicles, the armored vehicles are driven by the ukrainian military that switched sides being deployed. ukrainian media say these military -- >> we lost signal with phil. you can see the pictures behind him. he was explaining there seems to be two different versions of who is driving those tanks and who the tanks are aligned with. we'll get back to him in eastern
2:41 am
ukraine when we can. meantime, a bomb scare in boston clearing the streets on the anniversary of the deadly marathon attack. who police arrested and what they found in his backpack, next. i've always kept my eye on her...
2:42 am
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welcome back. this morning, a man is in custody in boston after a bomb hoax along the boston marathon route. the man acted suspiciously carrying a backpack that contained a rice cooker. he was near the marathon finish line where the pressure bombs went off last year leaving 260 hurt. police blew up the backpack and checked another. the man has been charged with possessing a hoax device. all of this happening as the city paused to mark the solemn anniversary. thousands turned out including j.p. and paul norden.
2:45 am
they walked across the finish line this year to raise money for charity. >> i don't think it hit me yet, but it's an amazing feeling, it really is. so happy right now. >> it brings me back to the last year and how they were with us the whole time anyway. it's like the same thing. every day we needed something, there were there. it's a lot to take in right now. we are getting it but -- >> meanwhile, back to court for lawyers for the marathon bombing suspect. he's in jail facing 27 counts for the three people who died in the bombing and m.i.t. police officer killed during the manhunt afterward. his lawyers plan to argue some of the counts should be dropped because they duplicate other charges. the trial is set for november. capture on camera an extraordinary meeting of al qaeda fighters with their leader. this shows the head of al qaeda
2:46 am
talking to trainees in yemen insisting he plans to go after the u.s. with no concern over a possible drone strike. officials are analyzing it. they want to know whether action was taken to go after the meeting while it was happening. >> this is quite an extraordinary video. the leader of al qaeda and also the number two of al qaeda worldwide addressing over 100 fighters somewhere in yemen, taking a big risk in doing this. >> the main problem about the group is it has a bomb maker who can put bomb makers on planes that can't be detected. >> u.s. officials tell c nrnn t believe this is recent. let's take a look at what's coming up on new day. chris cuomo joins us. >> we are following the rescue operation going on in south
2:47 am
korea. it's tricky. we are using the word ferry, but it is a big ship. there were hundreds and hundreds of people on board. it capsized quickly, they are not sure why. you can see the smoke. there's a lot of that ship under water as well and it's sinking rapidly. rescuers are frantically trying to find a way in to collect the people. also figuring out how to go under the water as deep as 50 or 60 feet to get into the interior to see who may be trapped there. there could be a lot of air pockets. this is a sophisticated and difficult water rescue. we know this because of what happened with the costa concordia in italy. i was there for that rescue. it's very sophisticated. the u.s. navy joined. we are going to talk to one of the officers there, and we'll take you there and see what the latest is.
2:48 am
a very urgent situation. hundreds of people, most of them high school students unaccounted for. we'll give you the latest on the search for flight 370. the news, the bluefin back in the water, searching. bad news, another problem yesterday. why? because it doesn't work well? no. it's uncharted territory. a lot of challenges they have to deal with on the fly. this is going to take a long time. we'll give you the latest. how is that? victor? christine? >> a lot going on. thank you, chris. >> pleasure. new images this morning of the families on board malaysian flights 370. they are furious, screaming at malaysian authorities over the search. what about this meeting has them so angry? we are live with that answer, next. meatball yelling c'mon, you want heartburn? when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast, with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact.
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and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum... tums!
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we are following breaking news this morning from the indian ocean where an unmanned underwater vehicle is scanning the sea floor looking for debris from flight 370. the sub had to surface to deal with a technical issue and returned to the water where it's set to remain for several hours. comfort for those on board waiting for word on what happened to their loved ones. ivan watson is live in beijing. the families can't be happy. their wait could be much, much longer. >> reporter: that's right. i think the families are very much aware of that. that hasn't stopped tempers from flairing. today, there was supposed to be a video conference between the families of 154 chinese passengers of the missing flight and malaysian authorities in the malaysian capitol of kuala lumpur when there was a
2:53 am
technical glitch and the video conference didn't work. the families got up en masse shouting liars and stormed out of the conference room. it's emblemmatic of how strained the relationships are right now. some of the chinese families some of the relatives calling the malaysian authorities liars. left here on the ground to face their frustration and impatie e impatience, mid ranking diplomat and officials from malaysian airlines. during the daily briefing, they are subjected to a cross-examination as representatives of the families ask questions that the officials clearly do not have the information to answer. the families are trying to take matters into their own hands. they are asking for things like the serial number of the black box on board flight mh 370.
2:54 am
the malaysian officials are not giving them that information. that leads to the reports and these exchanges where the chinese, very angry family members say things like you clearly don't care about our lives, you don't care about our time, we don't trust you. that's giving you a sense, christine, of the impatience and antagonism you feel in the hotel behind me where many of the relatives of these missing passengers are currently being housed. malaysian officials telling them, we are doing the best we can but clearly, that's not enough for people who have been waiting more than a month now for news about their missing relatives and loved ones. >> and the waiting goes on. ivan watson in beijing, thanks. >> we'll be right back. mine was earned in korea in 1953.
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around the world. stocks are higher, relieved by a reading on chinese economic growth. the world's second largest economy grew 7.4% in the first quarter. that's slower than in the past. but a little stronger than they
2:59 am
had expected. so u.s. futures pointing to a higher open. one stock to watch today, gm. ceo mary bar a front and center at the new york auto show last night declining to comment on how many people played a role on that botched ignition switch recall. she says the company still has a lot of work to do. gm filing a motion to stop lawsuits tied to that recall, citing its 2009 bankruptcy as legal protection. >> good to be with you this week. >> you, too. >> have a safe trip home. >> thank you. "new day" starts now. breaking news. a huge ferry is sinking off the coast of south korea right now. there's a desperate rescue under way to save hundreds of passengers. most of them are high school students. this as the u.s. navy joins the search. we will go there. hatching now. the bluefin back in the water. t another technical glitch slows the search though for flight
3:00 am
370. whats has it detected so far on the ocean floor? breaking overnight. ukraine strikes back. the government moving town by town, taking on pro-russian demonstrators as vladimir putin warns a civil war is coming. what will the u.s. do next? your "new day" starts right your "new day" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- good morning. welcome to "new day." right now a massive rescue operation is under way after a ferry carrying 459 people sank off south korea's coast. actually in the process of sinking as you can see. take a look at this incredible image. the ship is almost entirely submerged and sinking very quickly. >> it is huge. officials say at least three people are dead and nearly 300 unaccounted for at this hour. most of the passengers were high school students. a lot of that


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